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What we are looking for
On the one hand sculptures, installations, etc. up for exhibition at Garten 7.

A total of four positions are planned per year, each exhibition will have a duration of two months.

On the other hand, everything in addition to the exhibits in Garden 7 (e.g. concerts, guided tours, talks...). Possibly events can also take place on the area beforehand in the Bürgerpark. 

What are the criteria
1. Garden compatibility: The surroundings and the area itself reflect the change of the seasons;
the space constantly changes and is exposed to the weather. Garten 7 is not a solitaire, but a part
of a (garden) community.
2. Realizability: In addition to the first criteria comes the fact that objects also should be visible through the publicly accessible side through the peep tube.
3. Sitespecificity: A reference to one of the diverse topics relating to the exhibition space would be desirable,

> You can find more information on the garden's limits and infrastructure in our data sheet. (Currently only German version is available. Sorry! Don't hesitate to ask for english version, if you're interested!)

What should be in the application
1. Project presentation with a visualization in the form of sketches (analog / digital), models, 
or model photos.
2. Description of the project and description of execution of the project.
3. Desired exhibition period (8-week slot), the season is planned from March to October.
4. List of required materials, tools, etc. & cost plan
5. Contact details

What we offer
1. Subsidies for material, labor, travel expenses, etc. (limited)
2. Support with construction, transport, etc.
3. Use of tools and workshop in the garden, short-term storage of material,
Weather protection in (construction) phases, refrigerator & coffee machine ;)
4. Photographic documentation, final publication.
5. Concrete feedback on submitted drafts / applications, even when application is denied
6. New public through the people coming across the park, as well public feedback from the fellow gardeners
7. The full schrebergarden-experience.

The Open Call and data sheet are available to you

available here as PDF: (German only right now)


if you want to write to us

click our mail dwarf


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