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Kleingarten- the concentrate of the German soul .


Garden gnome, kettle grill, "Adilette" and boxwood are among other things insignia of this microcosmic parallel universe, which are iconic for its cliché; You will look in vain for contemporary art in this list. Schrebergarden associations are slightly to moderately eccentric and sworn communities; closed internally and externally. But communication and exchange between gardeners and their  environment are essential for the success of a harmonious garden culture. Process and change are inherent in the principle of the garden.

It is a world of its own, with continents and countries whose inhabitants call themselves garden friends and among whom there is sometimes a friendly relationship, sometimes a skeptical observation of what is going on in the "neighboring state". Although these garden friends carry lots of traits, the affinity to contemporary art is usually not one of them. Not infrequently, this disinterest stems from a certain fear of the threshold. The assumption that art is not interested in garden friends becomes the attitude that garden friends are not interested in art.

The approach of the Garten 7 project is to counteract precisely this approach. To take away any fears of the threshold and simply let art take place exactly where you might not necessarily expect it, but where it is still just right.

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