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offbeet  offspace  not off limits

Garten 7 presents itself as a new off space for art in public space. Over the course of the year, five individual artistic positions that face the challenges of the schrebergarden environment are presented on a 7 x 7 m lawn. The special features of this environment include the coexistence of the exhibits with constantly changing flora, landscaping, etc .. The "frame" is continuously changing, lighting conditions, weather, etc. vary with the change of the seasons. Between parks and garden gnomes, the project offers a completely new, unconventional exhibition opportunity that is neither tied to dress codes nor incidence values.

The exhibition is intended on the one hand for the community of schrebergardeners of the KGV Okerwiese and their visitors, who can view the exhibits from the garden path within the complex. For this purpose, there is an oversized garden gnome - as a symbol of the schrebergarden cliché - at the entrance to the area, which points to the exhibition. The public participates through a specially installed peep tube, which allows a view of the exhibition area through the otherwise shielding hedge from the freely accessible Werkstättenweg / Bürgerpark. There are also signs indicating the location and sponsors. All of the informational objects, including the garden gnome, are kept in neon red; Here, too, a conscious contrast to the omnipresent color scheme of the schrebergarden environment, which is characterized by "German cosiness".

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